• I sent a package to Ukraine two weeks ago from USA and it still hasn’t made it to my friend yet. It keeps saying it’s in transit and it’s still in Chicago Illinois area. I feel like I’m getting the run around and no one knows what to tell me. 12 days it’s been in “transit” and going to the same place it was departed from too.

  • Ordered item which was sent through china post. Package was supposed to come to calif. 12 days later it made it to minnesota and vanished stating it was delivered to an individual??? Money came out of account but no item ever arrived. Terrible service so far. Fingers crossed my package will arrive someday we are now at 29days and waiting........

  • my package is still in the same place jamaica NY for the last couple of days. why is it taking so long time in the same place where it has to travel to India. very bad service

  • Document was booked on 1Aug2019 by ID CH074379603US. It was booked from SANFRANSICCO, CALIFORNIA, USA. But still on today 24Aug2019 document was unfortunately not received. Such service is worst than useless after expanding RS 3000

  • Above mentioned is my track number,it's been 25days since my package was sent across from los Angeles(California)to India.I haven't received my package it's showing in transit since August 2.