• It seems loads of people are not receiving their orders. Still same for me. Hope to get It. Wished I'd seen all the reviews before.

  • CRC didn't want to be held responsible nor give a solution. Trakpak is worse than shit. They should fuck their dogs and eat their shit.
    2 Parcels sent on 14th and 15th Oct but today 2nd Nov, both my parcels return to CRC because of data error. Fuck you CRC and Trakpak. These were supposed to be birthday presents

  • Please update me on my parcel was no update since 7 days and you claim sent out and my side courier claim your team never pass the parcel. Which side is issue here. Serisouly I need an answer.

  • My package was dispatched on 10-10-2020 ... today is 10-27-2020 and I still don't have my package this is unacceptable and all the sender could say was blame the courier so here I am ... blaming the courier that they hired. Worst birthday EVER !!

  • If I can give a 0 for service I will waiting for my pack since 16th of Sep .nevertheless tracking shows in transit since 19th of sept!!!