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Takesend Logistics Tracking | Track Takesend Logistics Package

Located in Shenzhen, Takesend Logistics help customers with export business and have long term cooperation with international giant couriers such as China Post, HK Post, Singapore Post, DHL and so on. Takesend offer Europe line, America line, East and south Asia line, FBA and international customs clearance service to global customers.

Ordertracking—Track Takesend Logistics packet

[Track Multiple Orders and Packages]—Efficiently tracking Takesend Logistics Line packages in batches is supported.
[Applied to Both Devices]—Developed for use on mobile and PC, convenient for tracking Takesend Logistics Line packet at anywhere
[Timely Auto-notification]— by sending a message with updated Takesend Logistics delivery status to the users
[An Ideal Takesend Logistics packet Tracking Tool]—Suitable for merchants and customers who have a large number of online orders.

Takesend Logistics Contact Number | Contact Takesend Logistics

China Telephone : 4000985699

Takesend Logistics packet Tracking | FAQ

Q: What is the China Post packet?

A:— It’ s a international air transportation service provided by China Post. It is for parcels up to 2kg and registered mail service and surface mail service are included. It is very popular in cross border ecommerce sellers because of its cheap price.

takesend logistics parcels tracking

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