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Safexpress Tracking | Track Safexpress parcel

Safexpress is an Indian-based Private Limited Company that was established in the year 1997. Its core activity includes providing logistics and supply chain services across India. The company is ideal for all types of businesses as it provides a state-of-the-art warehouse facility. With this, you are guaranteed of quick and efficient delivery of your items. Safexpress provides logistics services in the following fields.

§ E-commerce
§ The electrical hardware and engineering
§ The consumer and institutional electronics
§ Healthcare and lifestyle
§ Automotive

Safexpress Contact Number

Visit the Safexpress portal to chat with the customer support team.
Customer Support Telephone: 1800113113 (Toll-free)
Marketing Telephone: +91 9582183113

Safexpress Tracking/Tracking Safexpress

To track your shipment, enter the Waybill number in the Track portal on the Ordertracking website.

Track Safexpress Courier Service

Safexpress Courier services are tailored to meet the demands of business enterprises in India. These services include:
§ The Surface service
§ The SafeAir Service

The Surface Service
This is an innovative express delivery and pickup method used by the company for clients who need fast, efficient and reliable
logistics services. The Surface service covers the vast India regions through the 6000 plus fleet of vehicles. The type of service is convenient for the Indian business enterprises that require timely transit of their items. This delivery method has the following key features.

§ All-weather container-trucks
§ It has a tracking feature for your shipment through the Track and Trace portal
§ Provides Customs clearance services, hence you don’t have to be physically present
§ The world-class Hub and Spoke feature
§ High delivery speed
§ Offers the door-to-door delivery service
§ Highly trained and experienced personnel
§ Covers all the routes across India
§ Offers 24 hours delivery service
§ Has the highest fleet of over 6132 vehicles for the surface shipment

The SafeAir Service
This is a delivery service that is used to complement the Surface logistics service. It is best tailored to suit the safety needs of your urgent and fragile delivery items. It is cost-effective as the company makes pickups from your doorstep. This service benefits from the support of 54 established world-class hubs in India. Below are the main features of this delivery service.

§ Partnership with Airline taxi operators to provide timely deliveries
§ Efficient and cost-effective services that start from the warehouse up to the point of distribution
§ A fast and safest way to make a delivery of your valuable item
§ Free doorstep delivery and pick up service
§ Covers the entire Indian nation

Safexpress Deliver Price

The Safexpress company delivery rates are different depending on the service used. They are as follows.

The Surface service
§ For a parcel weighing up to a maximum of 20 kg, it will cost you RS. 350
§ A parcel weighing up to 30 kg goes at a rate of RS. 450.

The SafeAir service
§ Any parcel weighing up to 20 kg will be shipped at a rate of RS. 900

Other charges include:
§ The service tax which is charged at 10.30 %
§ The Waybill which costs RS. 250 (for each waybill). The maximum weight of a Waybill is 100 kg

Ordertracking-Track Safexpress Shipment

[Get real-time information about your shipment] – This is best suitable for tracking your Safexpress shipment on Surface.
[Track your bulk Safexpress shipment] – Make multiple follow-ups on your large Safexpress shipment at the comfort of your house.
[Receive automatic SMS notifications about your delivery item] – Get regular SMS notifications on your Safexpress transit item as many times as you may wish until delivery is confirmed.
[World-class system for the E-commerce merchants] – Ensure that your clients/customers receive the delivery item on time.

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