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Equick China express Tracking | Track Equick china Package

Equick Express was established in 2009. Equick mainly focus on offering comprehensive international air transportation logistics solution. Equick have cooperation with international couriers and provide professional and quality service for the global customers.

Ordertracking—Track Equick China packet

[Track Multiple Orders and Packages]—Efficiently tracking Equick Line packages in batches is supported.
[Applied to Both Devices]—Developed for use on mobile and PC, convenient for tracking Equick Line packet at anywhere
[Timely Auto-notification]— by sending a message with updated Equick China delivery status to the users
[An Ideal Equick packet Tracking Tool]—Suitable for merchants and customers who have a large number of online orders.

Equick Contact Number | Contact Equick

Telephone : 400-706-6078
Email Address: [email protected]

Equick China Express Service

1.EQ line express, covering In Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Spain, France, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Slovenia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech republic, Slovakia, Norway, Romania, Bulgaria, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. No more than 30KG per piece, up to 22KG to Australia and up to 25KG to New Zealand.

2.EQ speedy packet, global coverage. It provide express delivery service in destination of UK, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Australia.

3.China-USA express, transit time is 4-7 days and deliver by USPS in destination.

4.EQ economy express, covering Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Czech republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Australia, Canada.

5.EQ Canada express, transit time is 4-8 days and deliver by Canada Post.

Equick packet Tracking | FAQ

Q: What if I miss the delivery of EQ line express?

A:— Genally speaking, if the delivery fails because the recipient is not at home, the goods will be kept at the delivery company at the destination for 6-15 days.The goods will then be returned to the operations center and Equick will charge for the second delivery.

Q: Can Equick express return the parcel to China ?

A:— Yes, of course that Equick express offer this service. But is not free.

Equick China express track parcel delivery

Equick China Community

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  • I have the following parcels that have arrived in August in the country,but i have not received any of my orders.Which is very disappointing. EQKML8110163919YQ EQKML8101941616YQ

    • Hi, it may got some troubles with the customs clearence. Pls contact Equick China Customer Service to ask for the reason. Thank you :)

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