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DTDC Tracking | Track DTDC Courier

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DTDC Courier Tracking | Track DTDC Courier Parcel

DTDC Express is a Private Limited Company that specializes in courier services in India and globally. It was founded in 1990 and has over 13,000 employees and has over 4100 offices across India. The Head office is in Bangalore, Karnataka-India. The company offers third-party logistics, delivery, and Express mail services.

DTDC Express Contact | DTDC Customer Service

Customer Support Telephone: 33004444 (Toll-free)
Email: [email protected]

DTDC Express Tracking Number

The DTDC tracking number is the reference/shipment number that consists of one letter followed by 8 digits, for example, B12345678.

Track DTDC Courier Delivery

The DTDC courier offers both domestic and international delivery services. International services extend to over 240 countries worldwide. These delivery services are classified into two:

§ The Express Services
§ The Cargo Services

DTDC delivery and shipment and insure runing

The DTDC Express Services

The Express service is a fast, reliable and convenient delivery method for urgent shipments. There are two types of DTDC International Express services namely:

  • The Non-Document Express Services – This is an Air parcel service tailored to make global parcel deliveries and handle custom clearance procedures.

  • The Document Express Services – This is an Air Express service that is ideal for the time-sensitive international documents.

The DTDC Cargo Services

These are delivery services offered for heavy-weight packages. There are three types of Cargo Services namely:

  • The Express/Economy (Door-to-Door) Services – This is a cost-effective service for huge commercial shipment that requires delivery from origin to the destination country’s doorstep.
  • The Express/Deferred (Door-to-Airport) Services – This is a delivery method offered for both the Express and Economy services. It involves the movement of huge commercial shipment from the origin doorstep to the destination country airport.
  • The Express/Deferred (Airport to Airport) Services – A delivery service for huge commercial shipment from the origin to the destination country airport.

Ordertracking-Track DTDC Express | DTDC Courier Tracking Online

[All device-friendly] – Track your shipment through your mobile or PC.
[Bulk Track and Trace DTDC shipment] – Track multiple shipments in one sitting via Ordertracking.
[Boost your e-commerce business] – Improve your online business through convenient tracking to win more customers.
[Get real-time SMS notification] – Receive regular and timely notifications on your mobile from any global region.

DTDC Express FAQ

Q: Can I change my parcel shipping address?

A:— Yes. You can change your parcel shipping address on the condition that it has not yet been dispatched from the DTDC Courier office. A change in the delivery address will attract an extra charge which depends on the new destination. You should contact the DTDC Customer Care Support for more help on this.

Q: What is the cost of posting a parcel from India to the UK?

A:— The DTDC website has a Price and Time Finder through which you can establish the cost of posting an item. The delivery rates vary depending on the distance between the two countries, the shipment weight measurement, and the delivery service in use.

Q: Can I track my shipment without having a smartphone?

A:— Yes. DTDC Courier provides an SMS Tracker alternative through which you can conveniently track your item. The SMS should start with the word TRACK (in upper case form), followed by space and ends with the reference/shipment number e.g. TRACK 34525678. Send the SMS to the mobile number provided.

Q: What happens if my shipment is damaged or gets lost on delivery?

A:— DTDC guarantees the safety of your shipment. However, we encourage you to ensure your delivery item in case of such unforeseen circumstances. Alternatively, you can cover the item through the Risk Surcharge. In the unlikely event of damage or loss of an item, the company is liable to a limited compensation of Rs.500 for any claim. Also, the compensation of a declared value-item will not exceed the stated value.

Q: Can I send a parcel from the USA to Kenya via DTDC Express?

A:— Yes. For easy identification of areas that the courier covers, you should visit the DTDC Express website-Location Finder portal.

Q: Can I ship an international parcel and make the payment on delivery?

A:— Yes. DTDC Express offers an International Cash on Delivery service which allows you to request for an abroad shipment. However, the shipment origin should be among the countries with DTDC Company offices. The consignment will be delivered right on your doorstep.

Q: Why is there a delay in the delivery of my shipping item?

A:— DTDC rarely experiences delays in deliveries. However, there are unavoidable circumstances that may lead to delays. They include
§ Lengthy customs clearance procedures
§ Poor weather conditions
§ Incorrect delivery address

Q: How long will it take to deliver my parcel from India to the United Arab Emirates?

A:— The shipping/delivery time varies depending on the distance between the two countries, parcel weight, and the delivery method. DTDC has simplified the determination of delivery time through a shipping time calculator. This gives an approximation of parcel delivery time.

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