• I’ve bought a lot from eBay and all my packages that was sent baby but logic have not come in at all.
    I’ve been waiting for 2 months more, still nothing. They say that the package is at the destination but when I checked the post office they have nothing and can’t even search up the number they have provided. This company is horrible !!!!!!

  • Update; In my first review I did not realise there was a star rating. So I would have given one star not 5!
    More importantly I finally received my package from this postal service. I don't know why it would take two months for a package to get here when almost everything else is about 3 weeks for international. Next time I'll look at the shipping service used before purchase. Not good having to wait so long and thinking it isn't coming! Just glad the package eventually did arrive.

  • I ordered on the 15th of July and the package was sent out on the 18th according the tracking however it still has not arrived and it is the 15th of September which is really disappointing because this package is a graduation gift for a friend next week. I even made sure to order super early because of Covid and yet it's still not here and it's been 2 months. That's really lousy