• Looks like we all got scammed. Ordered my item on June 6.
    Says it's been sitting in Mississauga, Ontario since June 17. Can't get through to the number provided. Emailed and all I got was "Sorry, very busy",
    First and last time I order from China. Review on the item I ordered were very positive. Must have written their own reviews. NOT HAPPY!!

  • This company is a scam ups now has my package and don't have a ups tracking # just Yun tracking # they tell me I'm out of luck China not only killed Americans but now scree us out of what we buy

  • I’ve been waiting for my delivery for almost a month in Perth, WA and the last tracking update says it was undeliverable and that I should contact my local depot. When I wrote to ask for the depot contact, no one replied!

  • This is ridiculous, it says my item has been delivered but I haven't received anything. Where is my item. YT2014821266135288

  • It's been a month and I still haven't received my package. It says is was received by an agent in Durant, OK, where I live in, on 06-12 . . . but now, four days later, shows it's in Grapevine, TX (2 hours away). I tried to send an email to their customer service dpt for status and it came back undeliverable.

  • Been w a it in to 2 months...says now it was with b pitney bowes in grapevine tx on the 2nd...it's now the 15th...I can drive to grapevine in 6 hrs..wtf????.....no update since the 2nd

  • I see everyone is on the same boat...been waiting on an order for the past MONTH, tracking first said it had arrived to US and now it says it's somewhere in Australia...WTF!!!! Don't