• I still haven’t received my shit it’s been 2 months I need it when I call or email just no one answers I will never order from here again they are trash and they call it express shipping he’ll naaaaah this is not express more like delay shipping

  • Wow, Just wow..... now my parcel has been in transit for 64days? I ordered May 6 2020. It said delivery May 30 To June 6, Then to june 18th now who freaking knows. I order for a birthday/anniversary present figured giving it 4-6 weeks was plenty of time well it's now 9weeks+ still has not arrived in canada. Was express shipping.
    Funny if I go to reorder the delivery date is 3 weeks from now?? How the hell is that possible?
    And I got another parcel from Shanghai and in 8days it's almost here already in canada and processed threw customs and released?? SO COVID-19 is No excuse at 9+ weeks.


    //2020-07-05 14:50
    Turkey - ISTANBUL, Item was uplifted to flight to destination country.
    2020-06-29 10:00
    Destination Country, Item arrived to destination country.
    2020-06-29 06:30
    Turkey - ISTANBUL, Item was uplifted to flight to destination country.
    2020-06-21 09:46
    Turkey, The item was forwarded to the destination country (Otb)
    2020-06-20 12:40
    //2020-06-19 07:56
    Origin, Item departed from origin
    2020-06-17 18:31
    Origin, Item is at agent warehouse
    2020-06-17 03:39
    Last mile=> Destination country post, number RH126103699TR
    2020-06-17 01:39
    Departed from Yanwen Facility
    2020-06-16 17:40
    Origin - Origin, Item Is Ready for Ship
    2020-06-15 20:48
    Process completed in Yanwen Facility
    2020-06-15 11:17
    Picked up//
    Order date 2020-06-10 06:43:07

    I paid an extra $19 for expedited delivery but now it's taken longer than regular slow delivery!
    (regular slow delivery from China is 7-13 days and it's been 26 days with expedited)

    Now, even if the excuse/justification is due to COVID lockdown delays there are 4 other major problems:
    1- why is one origin location different from another origin location or is your translation that bad?
    2- how does a parcel go from Turkey to Canada in 3 and a half hours when it bare minimum takes over 6 hours? (which is what your logbook shows when doing the math)
    3- why did my parcel go to Turkey when that route is an extra 11,000 kilometres?
    4- how did my parcel arrive in Canada from Turkey and then again leave Turkey after it supposedly already arrived in Canada? (see logbook I quoted from at the top)

  • been waiting on my shit now didn't receive the first order so I reordered now they won't give me my money back from my last order and I did expedited shipping and still have neither order which was over $300 for everything.. I want my fucking money back.. can't even track my shit never again will I order from this bs ass site again

  • FINALLY!!! Received my package today July 3. Was ordered on April 22. Will be sure to check origin of shipment before I place another order.

  • I ordered a bobblehead on 4/2/20. Received an email that it was shipped on 4/28. I have corresponded six times with customer service. They insist it is not lost and will not issue a refund. It is now July 1. Still waiting.

  • UF118607160YP Tracking package for over 2 months, stuck in Bloomington ca. Please advise? Has anyone who has posted here ever actually received their packages?!?!

  • I placed my order on April 22 not realizing it would come from China. It finally arrived in Bloomington, CA per tracking on May 28. It has been there ever since.

  • I am so sick of this company it has been over a month since my package was “out for delivery” and I still haven’t gotten it, you guys need to get your act together cause this is bs and we don’t want to pay good money for crappy services like this.

  • Been waiting for my order for 2 months. Tracking said it was in my state (NY) for a month then sent to CA???!! Contact information for this company is useless too.