• I need contact information for Sun you for my parcel is sent to south Africa anyone who can please assist me

  • I just ordered a product from aliexpress the product reached to destination country but it not reached me I think there will be some scams within the courier system.
    May be the tracking details are fake. They your product arrived in destination country but no details about place and airport.

  • SunYou is the worst service i have been waiting for 3months! And they dont respond to emails

  • Sunyou is trash. Horrible horrible service. They show that your parcel has “arrived” in your country but even after a month, there will be still no updates on your parcel. Beware of this company. If you’re shopping with mainland Chinese sellers, please make sure that they’re not shipping your goods to you via this company. The whole thing feels like a scam.

  • how give us South Africa details to where we can get our parcel, I have waited and no parcel received despite all the payments

  • Looks like sunyou is just a cover up for a major fraud system on international shipping, they show your parcel traveling , but it never leaves china, then they return it to the sender and take the parcel costs without sennding it.

  • Sunyou is one of the best postal courier services in China. My parcel was delivered to me on time.