• Landmark/Skypostal/Auropaq is one of the most irresponsible shipping services ever. THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED to deliver your packages.

    Landmark is almost impossible to reach. They never answer phone calls. Not even an Amazon Manager can reach them by phone. Then, after jumping through hoops writing more than one e-mail, you get a lousy e-mail, with an answer that is non-responsive and/or false.

    In my case, Landmark FALSELY marked my package as DELIVERED to me when, in fact, Auropaq admitted they delivered it to someone else, and are too lazy to retrieve it from that person and deliver it correctly to me.

    When asked, Landmark falsely responded and shamelessly doubled-down that my package was DELIVERED to me, when Auropaq's own proof of delivery clearly shows that they delivered my package to someone else at a totally different location.

    The worse of the three is Auropaq SAS. It's the absolute most irresponsible and absolute worst courier service in history, and their tracking system is irresponsibly lousy.

    Instead of delivering packages in a day or two, like other express courier services do, they shamelessly HOLD packages for more than 10 days with no movement and no tracking updates. After that, when pressed by Skypostal to deliver a much delayed package, they falsely promise to deliver the same day but do not. When pressed again the next day, they again falsely promise to deliver the same day but again do not.

    I am perplexed that anyone, especially a good company like Amazon, is still using Landmark Global or Auropaq SAS... especially after reading the avalanche of legitimate complaints on social media and Trust and Safety sites...