• Dpex is horrible ! Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.. Been waiting for my parcel for the last 14 days ! And they said they deliver in 10 days .. It is the worst! I have tracked my order on their App and they last updated on the 7th of September (saying In transit to destination) and it is the 14th today ! Still no change ..

    So my advice to yall is to Stay away from Dpex !

  • Folks...My experience with DPEX delivery was similar to most - no knock(s) and no deliver card. To make things worse, DPEX Sydney has no customer helpline that I could call to arrange for alternate delivery.... after some digging, I realised that DPEX has outsourced their Syd (not sure for rest of Aus) delivery to TOLL and I was able to arrange for alternate delivery swiftly. So reach out to TOLL folks - good luck !

    Contact TOLL Australia
    13 15 31
    8am - 6pm AEST Mon to Fri
    8am - 5:30pm AWST Mon to Fri
    8am - 4pm AEST/AWST Sat
    Closed Sundays & Public Holidays

  • Had ordered a wig from aliexpress which was supposed to be delivered days ago, please i highly recommend that u avoid using this shipping line at all costs.

  • Been waiting for my parcel for almost 2 months takes ages to receive my parcel .
    Very disappointing ☹️

  • Horrible service. Been waiting for my son's birthday present for over 3 weeks. Tracking states attempted to deliver and no one home. We're in stage 4 lockdown and haven't been able to leave the house, so unsure how the courier didn't find anyone home?? No we have to wait for another how many days/weeks before they re-deliver...

  • I am still waiting on a package from Pakistan (to Australia). It has been 19 days and supposedly has been "in transit" for the last 9 but the website still shows the package as being in Pakistan. Compare this company to DHL and there is no comparison. DHL have way better tracking information and can manage to deliver a package within 5 days in the middle of a pandemic! DHL have done that 3 times in the last 5 weeks and so that is not a fluke. DPEX are extremely slow, provide a crap tracking website and never respond to any emails. I would hate my business to be connected with theirs in any way. I will not deal with any vendor that uses them. It will now be a standard question that I ask. You use DPEX? Well sorry vendor but I am not buying anything from you.

  • Tidak akan pernah memakai jasa depex ..mengecewakan..pengiriman 1 bln belum sampai bahkan tidak ada tangung jwbnya

  • This has to be worst carrier company ever to exist. I've been trying to contact them on my parcel but no response going on 3 week without, i m one angry and disappointed customer wish i never crossed path with such pathetic service