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HHEXP Tracking | Track HHEXP Package

Huahan logistcs, as known as HHEXP, is a is a cross-border e-commerce integrated logistics provider located in Shenzhen, China. HHEXP’ s offerings include International line, international packet, FBA, overseas storage and international express. HHEXP service for sellers of e-commerce platform such as Amazon, ebay, Wish, Alibaba and Aliexpress to expend their business.

Ordertracking—Track HHEXP packet

[Track Multiple Orders and Packages]—Efficiently tracking HHEXP Line packages in batches is supported.
[Applied to Both Devices]—Developed for use on mobile and PC, convenient for tracking HHEXP Line packet at anywhere
[Timely Auto-notification]— by sending a message with updated HHEXP delivery status to the users
[An Ideal HHEXP packet Tracking Tool]—Suitable for merchants and customers who have a large number of online orders.

HHEXP International Line

LineDaysMaximum WeightBaterry Available
Global line6-1030kgY
UK line5-730kgY
France Line5-730kgY
Germany line5-730kgY
Italy line7-1030kgY
Spain line6-830kgY
Canada line5-930kgY
Autralia line5-730kgY
USA line5-102kgY

HHEXP Contact Number | Contact HHEXP

Tel: 400-0156-080; 0755-29457992-8049
Email: [email protected]
Address: Building B, no.55, pingxin north road, shangmugu community, pinghu street, longgang district, Shenzhen

HHEXP packet Tracking | FAQ

Q: What is the “Unable to deliver” mean?

A:— It means that,

  1. Deliveryman can not contact the consignee.
  2. Shipper requests return.
  3. The consignee’ s address is out of the scope of delivery.

Q: How long does it take to send it toThailand by surface mail?

A:— HHEXP doesn’ t offer Thailand line, the surface mail always takes 5-15 days to delivery. Usually it takes 5-7 days to Thailand.

track hhexp international packet

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