How do postal express operators deal with the huge return of goods

How do postal express operators deal with the huge return of goods

Shopping is cool, but many people regret receiving it.After the peak season, how will postal and express companies deal with the new wave of e-commerce package return peak?

After the peak season, there is an increasing number of returned goods.It is reported that the return rate of goods purchased from offline stores is 8% ~ 10%, while the return rate of goods purchased from e-commerce platforms is 3-4 times higher. The results showed that nearly a third of respondents admitted to having overbought and nearly 60 per cent said the flexibility of retailers’ return policies was the top consideration. Operations and logistics people sure felt the burden and the cost of receiving high volumes of returns each season!

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Deutsche Post Easy Return Service

ERS is preferred in Deutsche Post’ s international returns business. Cross-border e-commerce sellers provide online shoppers with a pre-paid return label, which allows them to enjoy cross-border return services at the expense of the e-commerce sellers whenever they need to return goods, regardless of the country in which the buyer is in. Buyers simply paste the ERS return label attached to the shopping package on the returned goods and submit it to the post office. The returned items can be tracked from the beginning of the label to the final delivery. In 2014, all 31 member states of EPG plan to launch ERS program. Of course you can track it via ordertracking.

USPS has multiple return options

The USPS service piloted the international merchandise return service in August 2013 to service U.S. e-commerce goods sold abroad.Users can obtain prefabricated return labels when paying postage, or complete return by printing labels by post.The maximum weight of returned goods is 30 kg, which can be handled by postal air mail or express mail system.

Posti supports returns in more than 20 online payment methods

Itella Maksuturva, the joint venture subsidiary of Posti launched a new return service in the autumn of 2013, offering customers a 24-hour return and exchange service.Users can issue a return application and print a return label.Retailers can track logistics in a timely manner and process refunds for returned goods.For returned packages weighing less than 2kg, online shoppers will be able to self-deliver at Posti’ s service point simply by marking the return of the customer and the recipient’s contract number on the package.If the package weighs more than 2 kg, the user needs to go to the post office to get a return label.

The service will make full use of SuomenMaksuturva’ s smart payment platform, which was launched in 2009 and is already linked to some online retailer platforms, automating the process that used to require manual processing of returns and saving companies money. Posti has launched more than 20 online payment methods to support returns.

Worry about your return? Just track it via ordertracking!


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