How is fruit preserved during transportation

How is fruit preserved during transportation

We all know that the freshness of fruits is susceptible to changes in temperature, collision, and other conditions. If proper insurance is made during transportation, it will help reduce the loss of fruit, improve the average quality, and meet the consumer’s demand for products. Now, we will take a look at the knowledge of fresh packaging of fruit.


Apple has high water content, so its peel is vulnerable to damage from harvesting and microbe, and the respiration after collection will generate more heat.
Apple shipping process is prone to problems

  • high or low temperature, resulting in frostbite or decay
  • improper packing and collision

Given these problems, we have requirements on packaging when shipping apples

  • Protect apples
  • It’s convenient for stacking and handling
  • To facilitate marketing. Packaging in a cold environment, avoid wind, sun, rain. Apple has a particular arrangement in the packaging container to prevent them from rolling and colliding with each other so that the product can be ventilated and take full advantage of the container space.

Apples need to be handled lightly during packaging and handling to avoid mechanical damage. The maximum packing depth of the apple box is 60cm to prevent the top apples from crushing the bottom apples.

4. Packing method and materials

  • Apple shipping packaging generally used the corrugated box. Inner packing, interlayer liner, spacing block.
  • Some use foamed plastic net cover single fruit and do not use the interval, some both use.
    Both users are better. Some high - grade fruits are wrapped in the waxed or unwaxed white paper. To avoid deformation of the fruit boxes at the bottom and bottom of the compartment, the corrugated box must be a high-quality product of wood pulp paper inside and outside. This kind of table can bear the bodyweight of two adults and stack seven or eight layers.


Pear belongs to fresh fruit kind; usually, shelf life is shorter, so the transport time should be as quick as possible. It is generally transported from the origin to the wholesale market by refrigerated vehicles or thermal insulation vehicles directly into the sales channel

Packing method of pear
Cover with a layer of foam net first on the surface of the pear, the loss applies foam plastic to make, the material that USES must choose avirulent, be suitable for food packaging material, the net covers the size appropriately, can cover the fruit, because the net covers have certain flexibility, can reduce effectively the harm that squeezes collision causes between the fruit. Set the net set, the outside of the pear covered with a layer of fruit paper. Packing fruit paper requirements clean health, soft texture, the best choice has a certain toughness, good air permeability, moisture-proof, thin, and translucent article as packing fruit paper.

Transport preservation of pears
To facilitate transportation, most pears use breathable carton as the packaging container, the bottom of the carton foil a layer of plastic foam board. Express fruit with bubble box, need to match ice bag to carry on preservation commonly. As for how long fruit lasts, it depends on the following factors:

  • The density and thickness of the foam box
  • Ambient temperature;
  • Ice bag cold effect, the number of the ice bag

How is fruit preserved during transportation


1 ~ 2 layers of plastic film paper and some ethylene absorbent are put into the carton, which can not only retain water, inhibit the respiration of the fruit, but also reduce the friction between the nut and the wall of the carton. Packing usually has two methods: one is to first lay two comb smaller banana fruit at the bottom of the box, and then tilt 4 comb on the top, a total of 6 combs, this carton width is larger; The other is 4 to 6 comb fruit side by side, vertical, fruit stalk down. The combs are also separated by the thin-film paper to reduce mechanical damage caused by vibration friction. Sometimes a box is packed with a single fruit. When packing, comb fruit close can reduce friction injury.

When the shed car is used to transport to the cold place, in winter, the inner wall of the car can be hung with 1 ~ 3 layers of straw curtain, but also add a layer of plastic film to prevent the cold;In summer, it is necessary to reduce the loading capacity, about 60% to 80%, open a cross ventilation channel, and prevent the heat by erecting, opening doors and Windows, stacking bananas with ice cubes, etc. In high-temperature season, it is better to pre-cool the bananas before loading, so that the fruit temperature can be reduced to suitable for transportation.


Packaging materials and methods of lemons
Lemon and preservative press the weight ratio of 4:1 into the plastic bag together, the sealed mouth is stored in low-temperature shade, and the temperature is at 0℃—12℃ had better, use this law to store lemon, store period can amount to 200 days. It can not only prevent the fading of the fruit, inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, but also prevent the wrinkling and cracking of the fruit, keep the flesh texture unchanged, improve the sugar content and taste as new.

Packing: plastic bag bagging and carton packing

Packaging method of persimmon
Boxes of persimmon may be large or small for the convenience of transportation and sale. Before packing, according to persimmon, hard and soft, shape, color classification. After classification into the box, respectively, at the bottom of the selection of soft material, and then into, until full. When loading fruit note persimmon stem and persimmon fruit should be separated from each other. Do not squeeze the fruit directly.

Packing: Corrugated carton, packing in a soft carton with transparent film