How can we avoid the products being arrested by China customs

What kind of circumstance falls, can customs detain goods? This is a customer concern. So, how can we avoid the products being arrested by the customs as far as possible, and if the customs detain the goods, what should we do?

The customs are a state agency responsible for collecting and protecting customs duties and supervising the entry and exit of animals, plants, property, dangerous goods, and other goods. The customs may detain or tax the goods when necessary.

When will the customs arrest the goods

First of all, let’s understand the reason why international customs will deduct goods:

  • The declared value is inconsistent with the estimated value of the goods by the customs.

  • The name of the goods is inconsistent with the product.

  • The packing list is not detailed

  • Conditions of the consignee are not allowed (no right of import and export, etc.)

  • Personal belongings exceed 5000 RMB

  • Besides, different countries have different policies on import and export

What should we do to reduce the risk

After knowing the above reasons, how can we reduce the risk of being detained by the customs.

  • For ordinary packages, you can write Personal Gift to avoid customs withholding because the chance of private parcels being inspected by customs is relatively low.

  • In the declaration, because the deduction rate of valuables is relatively high, and the customs clearance fee is calculated according to the declared value after the customs detainment. The higher the declared value, the higher the customs clearance fee. Therefore, the declaration of the value of the article can be written less. Besides, when the customer needs to return, we also need to pay attention to the customer to write a lower value.

  • Understanding the policies of various countries will be easier for the success rate of customs clearance. For example, Australia’s customs clearance is more accessible than in other countries, but battery products are not allowed by the customs. Therefore, batteries or electromagnetic products should not be sent to Australia. If you decide to ship it, it would be better to first discuss with the customer whether to ship the battery. Also, due to its unique natural environment, Australia has a stricter inspection of seeds and roots than other countries, with a lower clearance rate. Battery goods sent to the United States have a higher clearance rate, but the United States customs examination of drugs and chemicals is relatively strict.

  • The heavier the package, the more likely it is to be detained by the customs.

  • Different countries apply different reporting strategies. British and American customs are not so strict relatively, declare article value can put appropriately low, and German customs are more stringent, declare the price should not be too small.