How will the logistics industry change in the 5G era?

How will the logistics industry change in the 5G era?

Logistics tracking in the era of 5G

Now, in the market environment of human robot interaction, the growth of this market is limited because of the high cost.5G technology is expected to provide additional advantages in terms of deep coverage, low power consumption and cost, and as the 3GPP standard technology.The improvement of 5G technology improves worker safety and improves the efficiency of package positioning and tracking, and minimizes the cost.It will also expand the ability to dynamically track a wider range of in-transit goods.As shopping grows online, tracking packages will become even more important.

Artificial intelligence in 5G era

The age of billion packages has come, which is a great challenge to the operation of logistics.Currently, in e-commerce express delivery, the application of technology has greatly improved the logistics package tracking in the process of transportation, and consumers’ consumption experience has also been gradually improved.

In today’s warehouses, not only are there intelligent sorting robots, but more and more devices are being connected to the Internet.Currently, there are billions of Internet terminals in the world. In the future, with the support of 5G massive connection capacity, intelligent warehouse will usher in a world with trillions of connections sooner or later.Undoubtedly, this will bring stronger support to the e-commerce industry.


In short, 5G is an enablement.What will these technologies and capabilities lead to? Is it an improvement in user experience? Or a solution to an industry problem?Or cost reductions and efficiency gains? Let’s see how this continues to happen.