Issues we have to consider when sending international express

Issues we have to consider when sending international express

These are the issues we have to consider when sending international express.

At present, there are five international express giants in the world, including DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT and international EMS. In addition to the above five, there are many international express companies in the market. It’ s quite hard to make a choice. So, we can think about serveral questions before action:

  • Which one is the fastest
  • Which one is the safest
  • Which one is the cheapest
  • Which one is the most punctual

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For some people who are very strict with time, which international express is a good choice?Generally speaking, people will choose DHL international express, which boasts the best speed and service in the international express industry. So, what is the shipping time of DHL international express?

According to the transportation time, there are two major types of DHL international express: DHL economy express and DHL speed express.The economy express, as the name implies, means that it is cheaper for you to send this kind of express, but the speed is estimated to slow down, which is suitable for people who are sensitive to price but have little requirement for speed. The speed express pursues speed, but the price is much more expensive. This type is suitable for those who send urgent documents or have a high speed requirement, but the price is affordable.

Whether it is DHL economy or DHL fast, their prices and delivery times vary depending on the destination.For example, DHL express China has different delivery regions for us to choose from.

RegionTime Difference (Days)
Hong Kong2-3
Western Europe/Eastern Europe3-4

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